Shape of technology



Techno Cubes, Inc. committed to providing the highest quality education - with the sole purpose of keeping you ahead of the information technology learning curve. We employ the latest technology and the service models that are tailored to your needs. 

Our training programs are delivered in a distraction-free, dedicated network, immersed environment utilizing a curriculum adapted specifically for accelerated learning. Our training team is seasoned industry professionals with extensive real-world knowledge that is effectively relayed throughout each program. 
We train/educate our employees high end training in the areas of Data Warehousing/ Client Server/ Web Development. In this rapidly growing environment Techno Cubes, Inc.  realizes the need for cross training employees in technologies that are current in the market. To that end Techno Cubes Inc, invests in infrastructure and resources to train employees in various areas. 

Techno Cubes Inc, offers training in the following areas:

Administrative/Networking Services
Database Management & Support
EAI - (WebLogic, Tibco and WebSphere)
Java/J2EE applications development
Portal Services (ATG, WebLogic, and WebSphere)

Net applications development, migrations

An “E-Verified Employer”